Working with Spare Pool Assets on Tickets

Guide Overview

The following document is designed to give agents and administrators an overview of the following Spare Pool Management App topics:

  • Using spare pool assets on tickets
  • Changes to an asset’s details page when assigned to a spare pool

Important Note: If your district manages their spares through the third party AlwaysLearningTM service app then please refer to the following guide on utilizing spares assets for your system:

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    1. Working With Spares on Tickets
    2. Spare Unit Asset Details

Working With Spares on Tickets

When a ticket has been started and it meets the criteria for an established spare pool, the option to check out a spare asset will appear at the bottom of the asset widget on the right side of the page. Clicking on Issue Spare will begin the spare pool check out process.

In the pop-up window, you can select from any of the currently available spare devices. Please note, this list is populated by spare pools with filter settings that match the ticket’s information.

Alternatively, you can search for a specific spare asset or look for assets in another available pool using the options near the top of the window.

When you assign a spare to a ticket, a number of fields will update with new information. First, a Return Spare checkbox will appear in the Ticket Progress box. This lets the working agent know that before they can resolve a ticket they will have to return the issued spare. A timeline comment will also appear, detailing who issued the spare, the device details of the spare, as well as the time and date the spare was assigned out. And finally, the Asset Details widget on the right side of the page will also update to show the spare device currently out on loan.

To return any spare device checked out on a ticket, begin by clicking on Return Spare in the asset widget on the right side of the page.

In the pop-up window, click on Return Spare.

At this point, the timeline and Ticket Progress sections will update to indicate that this asset has been returned to the spare pool, as well as when it was returned and by whom.

Spare Unit Asset Details

When a unit has been assigned as a spare asset, this will be prominently indicated on the asset summary bar of the Asset Details page. The spare asset will indicate what Spare Group and Spare Pool it is assigned to, as well as noting that it is locked from editing.

Additionally, another bar of information will appear underneath the summary bar if the spare asset is currently in use on a ticket. From here, you can click on the ticket information to navigate directly to the ticket page.

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