Working with Parts

Guide Overview

This guide is designed to give iiQ administrators and agents a detailed overview of the following parts related topics:

  • Working with parts, which includes how to add, delete, and edit parts in tickets

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      1. Adding Parts to Tickets
      2. Editing and Deleting Parts on Tickets

Adding Parts to Tickets

When enabled by your district, the parts feature in Incident IQ allows you to quickly document the quantity and price of parts used while working a ticket. You can add a part on any ticket you are working by selecting Part in the bottom-left corner of the Ticket Progress window.

This will open the Parts Summary table. Here you can enter a part number, supplier, quantity, price per unit, PO number, as well as any necessary notes. At the very minimum, you will need to provide a part number, quantity, and cost.

When entering a part, you have two options available to you. The first is adding a part to the ticket that already exists in the system. The second option is to manually enter a part name into this field. When doing so, you will also have to manually enter a price per unit as well.

After saving, the Part Summary table updates to include your new part.

Any other parts added to a ticket will appear in this summary as well. In addition, all part costs are automatically calculated together and displayed underneath the right-hand side of the summary window.

Editing and Deleting Parts on Tickets

You can edit or delete a part on a ticket by selecting the part in question from the Parts Summary.

A pop-up window will appear allowing you to edit the part’s details as necessary. Alternatively, you can instead select the red garbage icon on the left side of any part to delete it from the ticket.

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