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Guide Overview

This guide is designed to give Incident IQ administrators an overview of the following Support Messenger app related topics:

  • Messaging users while working tickets
  • Accessing and replying to recent messages
  • Messaging multiple users as once

Guide Index

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    1. Introduction
    2. Messaging User(s) in Tickets
    3. Accessing Recent Messages
    4. Messaging Multiple Users


The Incident IQ Support Messenger app provides agents a fast and easy way to communicate with other users about a certain ticket. When installed, tickets will automatically display the Messaging widget on the right side of the ticket details screen to allow agents to start conversation with other users. 

Messaging Users in Tickets

When working a ticket the Messaging widget will appear on the right. To start a conversation click on New Conversation. Next, select one or more users to message and click Start Conversation. Now you can send messages, emojis, and attach files. 

Under the Ticket Progress section, a Performed Action will be automatically logged when starting a conversation. Also, the conversation will be logged under the Timeline section. 

Accessing Recent Messages

At the top navigation bar, you can click on the Message icon and view all Recent Messages. Clicking on a message will bring up the entire conversation. A link to the ticket will be available within the conversation to give easy access to the entire ticket. 

Within the Chat Box you can start a new conversation by clicking the message icon in the top corner. Next, search for the users name and start a new conversation with them. 

The Chat Box can be minimized by clicking the top section of the chat box. This will give you easy access to the chat box while you continue to work throughout the system. 

If a user messages you while you are online you will receive and notification in the top right corner. You can either close the notification or reply back to the user. 

Also, you can access and reply to your recent messages on the left hand navigation under Messaging Tab. 

Messaging Multiple Users

You can message multiple users about a certain ticket or question under the Users tab. Filter any user view you can start a conversation with multiple users. At the top click New Conversation. Next, you can start a new conversation or search for a certain ticket to add to the conversation. 

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