Using the Screen Recorder app

Guide Overview

The following guide is designed to provide agents and administrators an overview of the following topics:

  • Installing and configuring the Screen Recorder app
  • Using video recordings when working tickets
  • Setting up a video recording custom field

Guide Index

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    1. App Installation and Configuration
    2. Using Video Recording when Working Tickets
    3. Applying Video Recording Custom Fields to Ticket Submissions

App Installation and Configuration

To install the video recording feature in Incident IQ, begin by selecting Incident IQ Apps > Browse from the left navigation bar. On the app browser, scroll down to the Utilities section and click on Screen Recorder.

On the Screen Recorder Details page, click on Install near the top left of the screen to go to the app installer page. Complete the installation process. 

After completing the installation, all agents and admins will have access to Screen Recorder. If requestors need access to Screen Recorder, you will have to create a custom field when submitting tickets. Please see the section below for instruction on how to create a custom field for screen recorder. 

Using Video Recording when Working Tickets

When enabled for their roles, agents and administrators can also add video recordings directly on tickets they are currently working. To do so, begin by clicking on the Record button below the Ticket Progress section on any ticket currently In Progress.

This will open up the video recording tool. From here, you can:

  • Name your recording
  • Select an audio and video source
  • Take a screenshot
  • Record your video

When you click on Start Recording, you will be prompted to select which screen you wish to record on. Once selected, the video recording will begin immediately.

After you have completed recording your video, the file will automatically attach to a new comment box. Simply fill in your additional text details and click Add Comment to complete the process.

Applying Video Recording Custom Fields to Ticket Submissions

Administrators may also set up video recording fields for use by requestors on ticket submission through the creation of a custom field. When the Screen Recorder app is installed, a new custom field type appears for selection: Screen Recording. Please note, when creating this custom field you may opt to make it required.

Once this custom field has been created, it can then be applied out to all, or some, ticket types in the Tickets tab.

When submitting tickets that match the filter criteria of your custom field, you will see the video recording tools appear directly on the final page of ticket submission. Additionally, to make this easier on users that may be unfamiliar with this feature, instructions on how to utilize this field will appear below the field name as well.

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