Using the Knowledge Base

Guide Overview

This article is designed to provide requestors (students, faculty, staff) an overview of the following topics:

  • Accessing and browsing the knowledge base
  • Suggested article links in submitted tickets
  • Leaving feedback on articles

Guide Index

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    1. Browsing the Knowledge Base
    2. Knowledge Base links in Submitted Tickets;
    3. Leaving Feedback

Browsing the Knowledge Base

To minimize downtime for users, Incident IQ has a built-in knowledge base that can provide solutions to help you self-solve common technical issues. If you’d like to browse all solutions stored in the knowledge base, you can access the complete knowledge base through the top navigation bar on your Incident IQ dashboard.

Leaving Feedback

Once you’ve read the knowledge base solution, use the feedback tool to leave feedback on the recommended solution. Leaving feedback will help your IT staff create better, more relevant solutions to the problems you submit.

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