Tracking Tickets

Guide Overview

This guide is designed to provide requestors (student, faculty, or staff) a general overview on the following topics:

  • Accessing your submitted tickets
  • Responding to tickets with comments or emails
  • How to edit or delete your ticket
  • Using Knowledge Base articles linked in tickets 

Not what you’re looking for concerning tickets? Perhaps one of these guides will help:

Guide Index

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    1. Accessing your Tickets
    2. Responding to Tickets
    3. Editing or Deleting your Ticket Comments
    4. Reopening Closed Tickets

Accessing your Tickets

To access your tickets simply select Tickets on the top navigation bar.

This will take you to the Tickets overview. From here you can search for and select any ticket you have submitted in Incident IQ.

Clicking on a ticket will open the ticket’s detail page. Here, you can see ticket details, cancel the ticket, use the timeline to communicate with the assigned agent and review help guides linked to the reported issue.


Responding to Tickets

At times you may need to provide more information on any given ticket before the problem can be resolved. If that is the case, you can communicate directly with your IT team through Incident IQ by one of two methods: adding a comment directly to a ticket or responding by email

Responding with Ticket Comments

Comments can be directly added to a ticket by typing in the Timeline at the bottom-right corner of all ticket pages. From here you can message the assigned agent and attach image files by dragging and dropping into the comment field.  Screenshots are often helpful for agents to help diagnose problems.

Responding to Tickets by Email

If you’d like to add a comment to an Incident IQ ticket from an email you’ve received, simply respond above the designated line in the email and send. This will enter your comment directly into the ticket timeline feed.

Editing or Deleting your Ticket Comments

You can edit or delete your comments on any tickets by using the ticket option drop-down menu located on the right of any ticket.

Reopening Closed Tickets

Sometimes an issue will persist after an agent has marked it complete. Instead of creating a new ticket, you can report that the issue is still occurring directly in the old ticket. To find this ticket, begin by selecting Tickets in the top navigation bar.

On the tickets main page, select All Tickets to display your currently open tickets as well as tickets that have previously been closed or canceled. Once you’ve identified the ticket you want to reopen, click on it.

From here, you will only need to write a new comment and select Add Comment.

A confirmation window will appear asking if you would like to reopen this ticket. Click Yes. Once reopened, the assigned agent will receive a notification letting them know that this ticket requires their attention once again.

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