Managing Teams

Guide Overview

This guide is designed to give agents and administrators a general overview of the following topics:

  • What teams are and their use in Incident IQ
  • How to create, edit, and delete teams
  • How to access team analytic data

Guide Index

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    1. Introduction
    2. Creating a Team
    3. Editing/Deleting Teams
    4. Accessing Team Analytics


Teams are agents and admins that have been grouped together by their location, areas of expertise, or other criteria to empower efficient workflows and enhance team efficiency. For example, network experts could be grouped into a “Network” team, and all network-related tickets could be routed directly to a team inbox.

The main benefit of using teams is giving agents and administrators oversight on tickets that they may not be specifically assigned to directly.

Users can access the tickets assigned to any team they are a part of by selecting Tickets > Teams from the left-side navigation bar.

Creating a Team

Administrators and agents with the appropriate permissions are the only users that can create teams in Incident IQ. To create a new team, navigate to Administration > Teams.

You’ll now see the Teams main page. From here, select Create New Team in the upper right corner of the Teams list.

This will open the New Team creation window. You will need to select a name your new team, as well as add the appropriate team members.

Editing/Deleting Teams

If you’d like to edit or delete an existing team, begin by selecting the Edit Team on the right side of the team in question.

This will open up the team for editing. From here, you can edit the team name and the current members of the team as needed.

Alternatively, you can delete the team entirely by selecting Delete Team instead.

Accessing Team Analytics

You can access the analytic data of any team by clicking on the View Analytics button on the right side of any existing team.

This will take you to the Analytics Explorer page with a special filter automatically applied to pull ticket data for your selected team.

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