Managing Surveys

Guide Overview

The following article is designed to give administrators and agents with the correct permission(s) a detailed overview of the following topics:

  • Creating and applying surveys to resolved tickets
  • Editing, deleting, and activating/deactivating existing surveys
  • Accessing a survey’s response data

Guide Index

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    1. Introduction
    2. Creating Surveys
    3. Editing, Deleting, Enabling/Disabling Surveys
    4. Accessing Survey Statistics


The Surveys feature allows districts to quickly capture feedback on a technician’s performance as rated by the district’s users. Whenever a ticket is flagged for a survey, the survey recipient will receive an email notification requesting their feedback. Additionally, a new widget will appear on their Incident IQ desktop notifying them of an open survey request.

Any ticket with a completed survey attached to it will also display the survey results in the ticket itself through the Survey Widget near the bottom right of the ticket page.

Administrators and agents with the correct permission(s) can access surveys by selecting Administration > Surveys on the left navigation bar.

Creating Surveys

From the main Surveys page, click on the Create New Survey button near the top right corner of the screen. This will take you to you a new survey details page, where you enter the following: 

  • Survey Name: This is a required field and will be visible to everyone issued this survey on their dashboard widget.
  • Intro: This field appears in the survey itself and can be used to communicate whatever you want to the user (instruction, a reason for the survey, etc)
  • Active: Allows you to activate and deactivate your survey.
  • Auto-expire survey (days): This option allows you to set how long you feel a user should have to respond to this survey.
  • Send reminder after (days): You can set a second email reminder to be sent out after a period of days to users that have not responded to the survey using this option.

By default, all surveys will ask the user to rate their service on the ticket in question. This question is locked and cannot be removed. However, you can add additional questions you may want to gather information on by clicking on the Add Question button.

At this point, a new question line will appear where you can:

  • Enter in a question and set it as requiring a response from the user
  • Choose between rating or text fields using the Select a Question Type drop-down menu
  • Save or Delete the question

Finally, you will need to specify what types of tickets you would like to gather feedback on. This is accomplished by clicking on the Add Rule button. Please note that you may skip adding a rule until a later time. However, this survey will not appear for users until a rule is set.

You will now need to specify which resolved tickets you want this survey to appear on by clicking Add Filter. Next, select which filter you want to apply this survey too. 

Additionally, you will need to determine if you want this survey to appear for the user that submitted the ticket or the user the ticket was submitted on behalf of (if applicable.) As noted, no matter the setting agents will never receive a survey for a ticket that they were assigned too. Once complete, click on Apply. You will now see the completed survey rule appear in the rules section. Additionally, you can add more rules to apply this survey to any type of ticket as needed.

Editing, Deleting, and Disabling Surveys

You can use the Options button on the right side of any survey to quickly edit, delete, or activate/deactivate the survey.

Important Note: When deleting a survey please be aware that there is no way to undo this change. If a survey was deleted in error you will need to contact Incident IQ support for further assistance.

Accessing Survey Statistics

From the survey details page of any survey, you can access the details statistics for responses by selecting the Results tab near the top of the page.

In the upper portion of this screen, you can view the results of the rating type questions in your survey. The average result for each of them will be displayed in the left column, while the right column will display a breakdown of the total rating responses.

Further down the page, you can access the tickets tied to this survey. Here you can view each user’s response, including any text responses they might have. Additionally, you can apply filters to your search as necessary.

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