Managing Priorities

Guide Overview

This guide is designed to give agents and administrators a general overview of the following topics:

  • Managing the settings on the priorities page.
  • Setting a default ticket priority on the site options page.
  • Using rules to automatically set priority levels or increase/decrease priority values on tickets.
  • Manually setting a priority on a ticket.

Guide Index

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    1. Managing Priorities
    2. Site Option
    3. Setting Rules
    4. Manually Updating Priority

Managing Priorities

To manage or change the site priority levels click on the Administration tab and then click on Priorities. Here you are able to adjust four priority levels by sliding the sliders to the desired levels.  

Site Option

Under the Site Options tab there is a field to set the default priority of new tickets. This will set each new ticket submitted to this priority number which is tied to the priority levels that you set under the priorities tab. 

Setting Rules

Setting up rules for priorities is a great way to delegate your tickets. There are many different options to use priorities with rules. 

Go to Administration tab and click on Rules. Next in the top right corner click on +Create New Rule button. You can make a rule to set a priority level for a current type of tickets when ticket is created. Also, you can schedule a rule to increase or decrease the priority values on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. 

For example: When creating a rule to increase the priority values on a daily basis. You would add a filter for schedules and choose daily. Next the action will be to increase the number of values to a current number. 

Tip: For a more detailed guide on managing rules, please use refer to the following help article here

Manually Updating Priority

You can manually updated priority when working a ticket. At the top of the ticket you will see the priority label. Click on the priority label and it will open a pop up window for you to change the priority level. 

Also, you can change the priority level in bulk actions with tickets. Select the tickets you would like to change the priority level too. Next click on the other button and select Set Priority

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