Managing Manufacturers

Guide Overview

The following guide is designed to give Incident IQ administrators a detailed overview on the following topic(s):

  • A brief summary of how manufacturers are utilized throughout the system
  • Adding new manufacturers
  • Editing existing manufacturers

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    1. Adding a New Manufacturer
    2. Editing an Existing Manufacturer


Unlike some other systems, Incident IQ treats a manufacturer and a model as two separate fields of data. What this means for agents and administrators is that when creating a new model, you need to specify a manufacturer independently of the model name.

Once a model is created, most users will not see much of a difference in functionality as the system automatically groups these two fields together when users:

  • Search for a model by name during asset imports or when creating single assets
  • View default asset views
  • Export data from the system
  • Access default model searches in asset views and exports

However, since these are both two independent and filterable fields, this allows agents and administrators the flexibility of being able to filter views and data exports based on a particular manufacturer. For instance, if you wanted to view all the Dell devices in the system, you can easily search for them by applying a filter based on the manufacturer.

Additionally, agents and administrators can also set up custom views and data exports to show this data as either the default combined Model + Manufacturer column, or separate them out into individual Model and Manufacturer columns if needed.

Adding a New Manufacturer

From time to time you may come across an asset manufacturer that Incident IQ does not already have. In these cases, administrators have the ability to create new asset manufacturers. To do so, click on Administration > Manufacturers on the left navigation bar.

This will take you to the Manufacturers page. From here, click on Add Manufacturers at the top right of the screen.

In the fly-out window, you will first need to provide the following information:

  • The manufacturer name
  • An icon (optional, used if no logo is provided)
  • An image file of the logo (optional)

Finally, if you are using multiple modules in Incident IQ, you can select the product visibility of your new asset type. This allows you to selectively enable and disable the availability of manufacturers by product module when creating and editing models. Once saved, your asset type should become available for immediate use.

Editing an Existing Manufacturer

Administrators can edit edit existing manufacturers if needed. To do so, begin by clicking on Administration > Manufacturers on the left navigation bar.

If you are editing a default manufacturer then the only option available for editing in the fly-out window is product visibility. Please note, search for manufacturers under the All Manufacturers tab to see if that current manufacture visibility is disabled to avoid duplicates. 

However, if it is not a default manufacturer, in addition to the product visibility you will also be able to edit the following fields of information:

  • The manufacturer name
  • The icon (used if no logo is provided)
  • The image file of the logo

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