Managing Incident IQ Apps

Guide Overview

Incident IQ applications are designed to make integration between Incident IQ and systems you already use, such as Infinite Campus, as simple as possible for administrators. Beyond that, apps are also intended to add additional functionality to Incident IQ by integrating key features from outside applications to enhance your user experience. This guide is designed to provide a brief overview of Incident IQ Apps and how to access app management.

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    1. Browsing Incident IQ Apps
    2. Managing Incident IQ apps
    3. Managing Application Data Mapping

Browsing Incident IQ Apps

Administrators can access all available Incident IQ Apps by selecting Incident IQ Apps > Browse from the left navigation bar. This will take you to the Incident IQ Apps page. From here you can view all of the available apps currently available for possible install.

Additionally, any currently installed app will have a check mark on the top right of the app icon as highlighted below.

Managing Incident IQ App

Administrators can access app management by selecting Incident IQ Apps > Manage from the left navigation bar. This will take you to the Installed Apps page. From here you can access an app’s selecting Options page, or Delete an app entirely.

Important Note: Due to the nature of some applications, you may be prompted to contact an Incident IQ representative in order to delete an app. This is done to protect any user and/or asset data that syncs with the app in question, and ensure that there are no accidental deletions.

Managing Application Data Mapping

Data mapping allows you to determine which app each data field will use to populate and update information in Incident IQ. This mapping is for user and asset mapping. To access your Incident IQ data mapping settings, select the Data Mapping tab from the Installed Apps page.

From here, you can select what application maps to each individual data field. If you do not want the data field to populate at all in Incident IQ, you can simply uncheck any selection. You can also simply leave the app mapping field blank if you currently do not want to set a data field integration at this time. 

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