Managing Asset Groups

Guide Overview

The following article is designed to give administrators an overview of the following Policy Manager app topics:

  • What asset groups are and their use in Incident IQ
  • How to create, edit, and delete asset groups

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You have the ability to create your own Asset Group to have an easier and faster way to find assets. Your asset group will show on the Asset Explorer Page. Create the asset group under the Assets tab.

Creating Asset Groups

At the top right corner click on New Group. This will open the Asset Group Designer. Here you will enter in the name of the new Asset Group. Next you will add filters to drill down to what you want your asset group to reflect. Also, you can customize the different columns for the asset group under the column tab.

Editing / Deleting Asset Groups

By clicking on the edit button to the right of each asset group you can edit the filters and columns. Also you can delete the asset group by clicking on the delete button at the bottom left corner.

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