Managing Asset Funding Sources

Guide Overview

The following guide is designed to give Incident IQ administrators a detailed overview on the following topic(s):

  • A brief summary of how funding sources are utilized throughout the system
  • Adding new funding sources
  • Editing existing funding sources

Guide Index

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    1. Adding a New Funding Source
    2. Editing an Existing Funding Source

Adding a New Funding Source

You may come across an asset funding sources that Incident IQ does not already have (such as a county specific SPLOST). In these cases, administrators have the ability to create new asset funding sources. Begin by clicking on Administration > Asset Funding Sources on the left navigation bar.

Next in the top right corner click on +Add Asset Funding Source. Enter the name for the funding source. Under the Product Visibility section you can control which product has visibility of this source.

Please note: when editing or deleting a funding source, this will also automatically change for all assets utilizing this funding sources as well. Before making any changes, you may want to export your asset data to provide a backup source of information in case changes need to be undone.

Editing an Existing Funding Source

Administrators can edit existing asset types if needed. To do so, begin by clicking on Administration > Asset Funding Sources on the left navigation bar.

On the Asset Funding Sources page, click on the specific funding source you want to edit or delete. You can edit the name and visibility of all custom funding sources. You can only modify the product visibility section for the Incident IQ Catalog funding sources. 

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