Working with Assets

Guide Overview The following guide covers general asset information, viewing assets in Incident IQ, filtering asset views, editing assets, deleting and restoring deleted assets, as well as how to print asset labels. Not what you were looking for? Perhaps one of these other guides will help: Asset Check-In / Check-Out – A guide that provides step-by-step instructions …

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Working with Parts

Guide Overview This guide is designed to give iiQ administrators and agents a detailed overview of the following parts related topics: Working with parts, which includes how to add, delete, and edit parts in tickets Not what you were looking for? Perhaps one of these other guides will help: Managing Parts, Suppliers, and Purchase Orders – …

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Working Tickets

Guide Overview Working tickets is the main task of Agents using Incident IQ. This guide is designed to give Agents and Administrators an overview of the following topics: A general overview of the process of working a ticket from start to finish. Verifying and changing asset details on tickets. An overview of comments and the …

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Working With Parts

Please Note: The left navigation may appear different than what you see on your site. We have upgraded our user experience, but all functionality and steps from this video are the same. When enabled by your district, the parts feature in Incident IQ allows you to quickly add parts to a ticket. When working a ticket, …

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Working a Ticket

Starting a Ticket Select the Start button near the top of the ticket page to begin working on any ticket. The system will automatically assign you as the ticket’s agent and change the ticket status to In Progress. Once you start a ticket, the Ticket Progress section will appear. The Ticket Progress section is where …

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Assign & Working Multiple Tickets

Assigning Multiple TicketsOnce you’ve selected a ticket, the ticket toolbar will appear. When selecting multiple tickets, you can perform many actions depending on your permissions.  You can assign or reassign multiple tickets to individual agents or teams by selecting the Assign on the ticket toolbar. Next, choose the agent or team to assign the tickets, …

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