Sync Executable Tab

The sync executable tab is for local server-based integrations. Please continue to the next lesson if you are not integrating with Microsoft SCCM or Destiny. The sync executable tab is where you will set up all the information to connect to your local server database, as well as where you will go to download the …

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My Classes Manual Verification

My Classes is a feature admins can give their teachers access to their class rosters based on the information being pulled from the Student Information System (SIS) you have integrated with Incident IQ. Enabling My Classes You will need to enable the My Classes feature to give teachers access to verify assets. Go to Site …

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Manual Asset Verification

Please Note: The left navigation may appear different than what you see on your site. We have upgraded our user experience, but all functionality and steps from this video are the same. Rapid Scan There are many different ways to verify assets through Incident IQ manually. One of the fastest ways to verify individual or …

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Automatic Verifications

You are not limited to manual asset verification to complete an audit. Some asset management integrations support the ability to automate the verification process through the use of confirmed user logins. Use the following links to refer to help documentation for Incident IQ asset management integrations that support automatic verifications: Google Device Data App Verifications …

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