Managing Ticket Templates

Guide Overview This article is designed to give administrators and agents with the appropriate permissions a general understanding of the following topics: Creating, editing, and deleting ticket templates Automate ticket generation for recurring tasks Giving users permissions to use select templates for quick tickets Apply templates during bulk ticket submission Not what you were looking …

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Editing & Deleting Ticket Templates

Editing and Deleting Ticket Templates To edit or delete a ticket template, begin by clicking its name on the Ticket Templates page. You can edit the ticket template and click Save at the bottom of the page. Also, you can  Delete the template entirely here as well. Sharing Ticket Templates You can allow select users to apply ticket templates during the ticket …

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Creating a Ticket Template

To access the Ticket Templates page, select Tickets > Ticket Templates on the left navigation. To create a new ticket template, click on the +Add Ticket Template in the top-right corner. Enter the Template Name.  In the first section, Ticket Issue, enter the following: Requestor  Ticket location  Enable Submit for Multiple Locations and select the …

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Creating a Ticket Template

Please note: The left navigation may appear different than what you see on your site. We have upgraded our user experience, but all functionality and steps from this video are the same. Create ticket templates for frequently encountered issues in your district or automate ticket creation for recurring tasks. To access the Ticket Templates page, …

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