Spare Pool

Guide Overview The following document is designed to give administrators an overview of the following Spare Pool Management App topics: Creating and managing spare groups and pools Setting up basic spare groups Accessing spare usage data Not what you were looking for? Perhaps this other guide will help: Working with Spare Pool Assets on Tickets – …

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Adding & Managing Spare Pools

Please Note: The left navigation may appear different than what you see on your site. We have upgraded our user experience, but all functionality and steps from this video are the same. Adding Spare Pools Spare pools are designed to give districts another way to drill down the spare groups. For example, if you work …

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Spare Pool Permissions

Spare pool generates two new permission options.  Manage Spare Pools  Issue Spares These permissions allow you to set which users can manage spare pools and issue spares on tickets. These app-specific permissions are located on the left sidebar under the permissions.  You can set these permissions to individual users or on custom role permissions. Need …

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