Creating an Incident IQ Vendor/Product Record in Aeries

Guide Overview The following article is designed to give iiQ administrators a step-by-step guide on configuring Aeries in order for Incident IQ to access Aeries data through the OneRoster API. This includes: Creating a record in Aeries for iiQ Setting the appropriate permissions in Aeries Configuring the OneRoster API Not what you were looking for? …

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Aeries SIS Integration Management

Warning: This document contains instructions for adjusting app synchronization settings that can adversely affect your device data, user data, and/or user mapping settings in Incident IQ. As such, only qualified personnel should proceed with making adjustments to the settings outlined in this document. Guide Overview The Aeries app allows administrators to seamlessly integrate Aeries with Incident …

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Aeries SIS Integration Installation

Guide Overview The Aeries Integration allows administrators to seamlessly integrate Aeries with Incident IQ by automating most aspects of your data upload. This provides administrators the ability to easily manage the sync and mapping options for users, groups, and locations between the two programs in one convenient location. The following guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to integrate the Aeries with …

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