Microsoft Azure SSO Integration App Installation

Guide Overview

The Microsoft Azure SSO App allows administrators to seamlessly integrate Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory secure single sign-on feature into Incident IQ. This provides users with the ability to confidently and easily sign in using only their Microsoft Azure associated account. The following guide is designed to provide step-by-step instructions on how to install the Microsoft Azure SSO App in Incident IQ.

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Setup and Installation

Before beginning the installation process you will need to ensure you have the following:

  • Login credentials to a global admin account that can grant Incident IQ read-only access to all users & groups within your account.
  • Pop-up and Ad blockers disabled for Incident IQ.

Once you have this information select Incident IQ Apps > Browse on the left navigation bar.

Click on the Microsoft Azure SSO App and then select Install to begin.

Step one of the installation process simply provides an overview of how installing the Microsoft Azure SSO app will affect your Incident IQ installation. Select Continue once you are ready to proceed to step two.

For the first phase of step two, you will need to validate your Microsoft Azure credentials. Select Authorize Incident IQ and follow the instructions in the pop-up window. If no window appears, check to ensure that you have white-listed Incident IQ with any Pop-Up or Ad blockers you may use.

In the pop-up window, Microsoft will ask whether you want to allow Incident IQ to view and access your users, groups, and groups subscription on your domain. To install this app you must select Accept. Keep in mind that Incident IQ only needs read-only access and will not write information back to your Azure environment.

The next phase of step two will ask you to assign a default role for users that have not already been assigned a group mapping. By default, this is set to Guest unless otherwise changed. Once you have assigned the default role select Continue.

In the final phase of step two, you will be asked to assign a default location for users that have not already been assigned a group mapping. Once you have assigned the default location select Continue.

At this time you may make changes to any section by clicking on any of the checked settings. Click Continue when you are ready to proceed.

In step three, you will be asked to review all of the changes that are about to be made to your Incident IQ site. Before moving on please keep in mind that after the installation process begins it cannot be stopped. Once you have completed your review select Install App to begin the integration process.

Once the installation has been completed, users will now be able to take advantage of the Microsoft Azure SSO feature in Incident IQ.

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