TeamViewer Remote Assistance App – Installing and Utilizing

Guide Overview

This guide is designed to give Incident IQ administrators an overview of the following TeamViewer Remote Assistance App related topics:

  • Accessing and installing the app.
  • Utilizing the app on tickets to access devices remotely through TeamViewer.

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    1. Introduction
    2. Installing the App
    3. Configuring the TeamViewer Download URL
    4. Opening Remote Connections on Tickets


The Google Chrome Remote Assistance app provides districts a method to utilize the Chrome Remote Desktop tool from within an Incident IQ ticket. When installed, all technology tickets will automatically display the LogMeIn Rescue Remote Assistance widget districts agents just below the Submitted By section. This provides the district with the following benefits:

  • Streamlines the remote request process for both agent and requestor
  • Provides requestors with step-by-step instructions on how to accept a remote assistance request
  • Tracks each step of the remote session through the ticket timeline, including date and time stamps

Incident IQ will reach out to the TeamViewer Remote Assistance Administration Console and check all target IP addresses to detect if the associated computers are online. Before connecting, make sure that the TeamViewer Remote Assistance software is downloaded and installed on your computer. Download links will be provided to agents within Incident IQ ticket panels if needed for new agents.

Installing the App

To install the TeamViewer Remote Assistance app, begin by clicking on Incident IQ Apps > Browse on the left navigation bar.

Underneath the Remote Assistance section, click on the TeamViewer Remote Assistance app. From here, simply select Install and follow the steps to complete the installation.

Configuring the TeamViewer Download Link

Once the TeamViewer Remote Assistance App has been installed, you will want to click on the app management button to configure the download URL users will be directed to on tickets. You will need to copy and paste your district’s TeamViewer download link into the field pictured below before saving.

Once this URL has been set, users can then utilize it to access your district’s TeamViewer download page directly on tickets with active requests to use the remote assistance tool.

Opening Remote Connections on Tickets

After installing the TeamViewer Remote Assistance app, agents and admins can request remote sessions with ticket requestors directly on any ticket page. This is done by accessing the TeamViewer Assistance widget located just below the Submitted By section on any ticket.

If an agent or admin has not already installed TeamViewer, they may do so by clicking on the Management Console button.

The agent and requestor will need to coordinate with each other ahead of time to determine the best time for a remote support session. At the appointed time, the agent can request a new remote session simply by clicking on the Request a New Remote Session button.

This will add a note in the ticket timeline, and a ticket update notification should go out letting the requestor know that the ticket has been updated. Please note, this update email should not be used in place of the ticket agent and requestor communicating to identify a time that fits both of their schedules. If needed, the agent may cancel the request from their side at any time.

Once the agent has requested a remote session with the ticket requestor, the requestor will then be able to see the request when directly accessing the ticket while logged into Incident IQ. From here, the requestor can either Accept or Deny the request for remote session.

If the user has not already installed TeamViewer on their machine, they may do so once accepting the request by clicking on the download link. This will allow them to access the TeamViewer download link for the district that has been set in the TeamViewer Remote Assistance app management page.

Once the requestor is ready, they may generate and enter in their remote session Partner ID and Password in the fields provided for them. Please note, TeamViewer supports both 9 and 10 digit codes, with space available on the ticket for both types.

After the requestor has sent over their credentials, agents and admins can then utilize these on the ticket to open the remote connection by clicking on Connect to Computer. Additionally, once troubleshooting has finished, the working agent or admin can close the session by clicking on Session Complete.

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