SimpleHelp Remote Assistance App – Installing and Utilizing

Guide Overview

This guide is designed to give Incident IQ administrators an overview of the following Google Remote Assistance App related topics:

  • Accessing and installing the SimpleHelp Remote Assistance app.
  • Setting up an IP address custom field to capture device IP information.
  • Utilizing the app on tickets to access  devices remotely.

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    1. Introduction
    2. Installing the App
    3. Setting up a IP Address Custom Field
    4. Opening Remote Connections on Tickets


The SimpleHelp Remote Assistance app provides districts a method to establish a remote connection with a device running the SimpleHelp Client from within an Incident IQ ticket. When installed, all technology tickets will automatically display the LogMeIn Rescue Remote Assistance widget districts agents just below the Submitted By section. This provides the district with the following benefits:

  • Streamlines the remote request process for both agent and requestor
  • Provides requestors with step-by-step instructions on how to accept a remote assistance request
  • Tracks each step of the remote session through the ticket timeline, including date and time stamps

Installing the App

To install the SimpleHelp Remote Assistance app, begin by clicking on Incident IQ Apps > Browse on the left navigation bar.

Underneath the Remote Assistance section, click on the SimpleHelp Remote Assistance app.

From here, simply select Install and follow the steps to complete the installation.

Once installed, you will want to click on Manage App Settings.

From here, you will need to enter in your SimpleHelp Server API Token and your district’s SimpleHelp Server Host Name. Please note, in most cases you can leave the SimpleHelp Server Host Port empty as this will simply use the default SimpleHelp port. However, if your district uses a custom port then you will also need to add this entry here as well.

If you are an administrator in the SimpleHelp Technician’s Console, you can find, or generate an API token for Incident IQ by going to Administration > Integrations > Manage API Tokens. From this page, you can copy your existing API for Incident IQ, or click on Generate New Token to create a new one.

The SimpleHelp host name needs to be a publicly available DNS. To test if your host name is publicly available, copy and paste it into a web browser. If you see the SimpleHelp portal then your host name is publicly available.

For further assistance in identifying your API and Host Name address for SimpleHelp, please consult the following help articles:

Please note, Incident IQ does not install the SimpleHelp client onto systems. In order for you to access devices remotely, they will need to have the client already installed. For further information on installing SimpleHelp on your devices in bulk please refer to the following help article:

Setting up a IP Address Custom Field

At this point, you will need to set up an IP address custom field in order to capture the user’s 

On the Custom Fields page, you will want to click on New Custom Field at the top right while in the Field Definitions tab.

When creating your new IP address custom field, you will need to name it as well as select IPAdress in the Field Type drop-down menu. Please note, you will want to keep the Requestor Visible? field unchecked so requestors do not see this field when submitting tickets.

Once the IP address field has been created, you will need to apply it as a field on tickets in Incident IQ. To do this, begin by clicking on the Tickets tab at the top of the page.

Next, click on Add Field with New Conditions and select the IP address custom field in the pop-up window.

You should now see your custom field appear in the list of custom fields available on tickets. From here, click on Add Conditions to the left of the field to start limiting on what tickets this field should appear on.

Opening Remote Connections on Tickets

After installing the SimpleHelp Remote Assistance app, agents and admins can request remote sessions with ticket requestors directly on any ticket page. This is done by accessing the SimpleHelp Assistance widget located just below the Submitted By section on any ticket.

The agent and requestor will need to coordinate with each other ahead of time to determine the best time for a remote support session. At the appointed time, the agent can request a new remote session simply by clicking on the Connect to button.

This will immediately connect to the device regardless of if they are logged into Incident IQ or not. The agent or administrator can then use SimpleHelp’s Technician Console to access the device remotely. As long as the ticket requestor is on a device with the app installed and also online, they will not need to do anything on their end in Incident IQ.

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