Announcements App – Installing and Managing

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The following article is designed to give administrators and agents a detailed overview on the following topics

  • Installing Announcement App
  • Managing Announcements

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    1. Introduction
    2. Installing the App
    3. Creating an Announcement
    4. Editing/ Deleting an Announcement


Announcement App gives you the ability to add an announcement banner for all users to see when logging into Incident IQ. 

Installing the App

Left navigation click on Incident IQ Apps then click on the Browse tabThe Announcement App is under the section called Utilities. Also you can search for the app in the search bar. Click on the Announcement App and then click the Install button. 

On step one click the continue button. Then on step two click the Install App button. Step three your announcement app has been successfully installed. 

Creating an Announcement

To create an announcement click on Manage under the Incident IQ Apps left hand navigation. Click on the manage button to the right of the app. 

At the top right click on the +Add button. Next fill out the following fields:

  • Message – This is the announcement title.
  • Severity – The condition for the announcement (Announcement, Low, Medium, High).
  • Active Periods – When you want the announcement to display by date and time. 
  • Dismissible – The user can dismiss the announcement. 
  • Additional Notes – Any additional details that you want to be displayed with the announcement. 

Please note: Changes can made in this app can take up to 30 minutes to show for all users. 

Editing/ Deleting an Announcement

To edit or delete an announcement click on the edit icon under the Options column. You can edit the fields and then click save. Click on the delete button to delete the announcement all together. 

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