Fee Tracker App – Installing and Managing

Guide Overview

This guide is designed to give Incident IQ administrators an overview of 

  • Installing Fee Tracker app
  • Creating item categories and item types

Please see the following guide on how to add payments and fees to users:

Guide Index

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    1. Introduction
    2. Installing the Fee Tracker App 
    3. Item Categories
    4. Item Types
    5. Permissions


Incident IQ’s Fee Tracker app makes it fast and easy to register fees and payments for users, tickets and assets, and generate statements and check balances.

Installing the Payments and Fees App

Please note that all information entered during installation can be edited at any time after setup. To begin, start by selecting Incident IQ Apps > Browse on the left navigation bar. Next search or scroll down to the Utility Apps section and select the Fee Tracker app. On the app page click Install near the top of the page.

Continue with the easy installation process.

Item Category

Once installed, you can start adding Item Categories. These are the fines for fees categories (i.e. course fees, library fines, device insurance, athletics). Click on the Item Categories tab. Then click Add New Item Category. Enter the Title of the category, along with the Description. Click Save

When adding or editing and item category, you will need to Re-Build Payment Data after making all of your changes. Re-Build Payment Data is updating existing data for your grid column payment data to be displayed correctly. Click on the Re-Build Payment Data button. 

You can Edit or Delete the category to the right. 

Item Types

Item Types are the fees, payments or adjustments that associated to the Item Category. For example, under the Item Category library fines you can have item types: overdue, damaged, lost. 

Click on the Item Types tab. Then click Add New Item Type.  Next you will need to fill out the following fields: 

  • Sku:  required to enter the item has a Sku.
  • Title: required to enter the items title. 
  • Description: enter in a description of the item. 
  • Category: required select which category the item is associated with. 
  • Type: required to select the type: fee, payment, adjustment.
  • Default Amount: enter the default amount. This can be changed when issuing the payment or fee. 

Click Save. You can Edit or Delete the item type to the right.


Under the Permission tab you have access to limit which users can: 

  • Delete existing payment or fee transactions 
  • Modify existing payment or fee transactions
  • Create a new payment or fee transactions

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