How do I favorite an asset?

You can favorite assets from the Favorites / Linked Assets page of your Incident IQ account. To add a new favorite select the Add Favorite icon near the top right of the page.

One of the easiest ways to find generic assets, such as software, is to simply type the name of the asset into the search bar. When you’ve found the asset in question, scroll to the top right corner of the asset and click on the star icon.

If you are looking for more specific assets. Using the Search drop-down menu to the right of the search bar, you can lookup devices based on the following criteria:

  • By Room #: If your district has included room numbers on assets, you can use this option to see what assets have been assigned to your room.
  • By Serial #: If you have your device’s asset number (generally located on the rear or bottom of most devices) you can search for it specifically using this option.
  • By Asset Tag: If your district uses asset labels you can use this option to search for the specific device in question.

Tip: If you’re a teacher, faculty, or staff member of your district and would like more information on using assets in Incident IQ feel free to visit our comprehensive help guide on Managing your Assets!

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