Does the system automatically clear storage data from devices outside of the batch check-out process?

Storage location information, either added through batch check-in or through manually editing an asset’s details, does not automatically get removed when not using the batch check-out feature. However, through the use of asset rules, administrators in the system can setup rules to automatically remove this information under certain conditions.

To do so, the admin will need to select Rules from the Administration options in the left navigation bar. On the Rules page, click on Assets located near the top left of the page. This will open up the asset rules list.

From here, you can select a trigger type to build a new rule under. Once you have selected the desired trigger, click on Create New Rule in the top right of the page.

When building your rule out, you will then want to add the action Unassign Storage Fields (Location, Unit, & Slot) from the drop-down menu before saving.

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