Does Incident IQ automatically match an asset’s location to the assigned user’s location?

By default, Incident IQ does not automatically update asset location information to match a user’s location. However, administrators can enable this functionality utilizing one or both of the following two Assets site options:

  • When User is Assigned an Asset: Update Asset to Match Owner’s location
  • When User’s Location Changes: Update Asset to Match Owner’s location

Another feature is bulk updating assets in Asset Explorer tab. By selecting the assets that you want to bulk update, a Move options will appear. Clicking on the Move option will open a pop up window. Here you have the option to set the asset location to the location of the assigned user. 

Also, you can run a Rule to assign assets location to match the location of the assigned user. Under administration tab click on Rules. Next under the ticketing section click on Assets. At the top right click the Create New Rule button. Here you will create the rule and add the action to assign location to the assigned owner. 

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