Dashboard Overview

Guide Overview

The following guide is designed to give Requestor level users (student, faculty, staff) a general overview and links to detailed help guides for the elements that make up their Dashboard that includes:

  • The top navigation bar, which includes the Tickets, Assets, Knowledge Base, New Ticket, Search, Help, and profile links
  • Your most recent tickets
  • The Quick Tickets section
  • Incident IQ help resources
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

Guide Index

You can use the following links below to quickly navigate to a specific section in this document. To quickly return to this index simply use the Return to Index link located at the end of any section.

    1. The Top Navigation Bar
    2. Recent Tickets Section
    3. Quick Tickets Section
    4. Using the Global Search
    5. Accessing Incident IQ Help
    6. Accessing your User Profile
    7. Responding to Surveys

The Top Navigation Bar

The top left area of your dashboard is where your navigation bar is located. From here you can:

  • Access all of your tickets, both those currently open as well as those already closed.
  • Manage assets linked to your account.
  • Browse your district’s knowledge base.
  • The ticket wizard where you can Submit a ticket using the New Ticket button.

The Recent Tickets Section

This section is your list of recently submitted tickets and the primary method of keeping up with the open technical issues you have reported. Clicking on any ticket’s link will bring you to that ticket’s main page.

Additionally, any tickets that an agent marks as requiring further input or action on your part will be highlighted in yellow and visibly marked as Waiting for you to respond.

The Quick Tickets Section

This section contains all assets that have been assigned to you, as well as any assets you’ve manually assigned to your account. From here, you can quickly and easily submit tickets for your personal assets that are experiencing issues (such as your desktop, laptop, print, etc.)

Tip: If you run into a situation where you cannot confirm the stated issue and cannot find a problem at all, try making an in ticket comment requesting more information from the Requestor. Alternatively, you can also mark the ticket as resolved with no issue found.

Accessing Incident IQ Help

You can access Incident IQ help resources by clicking on the Help button at the top of the page.

This will open the help sidebar on the right side of your screen. From here, you can access:

  • Help guides and FAQs for the current page you are on
  • A link to the help center where you can view all current help guides and FAQs
  • iiQ support to report issues for Incident IQ itself (can’t click on links, receiving errors, etc)
  • Begin training (if this feature is enabled by your district)

Your User Profile and Notifications

You can access your User Profile page as well as your email notification settings by clicking your name in the top right corner of the screen. 

Tip: For a more detailed guide on managing your account, please use refer to our comprehensive help article located here.

Responding to Surveys

From time to time you may be selected to participate in satisfaction surveys. These are brief questionnaires designed and implemented by your district to help gauge and, if necessary, improve a user’s experience on recent tickets.

If you have a survey to respond to, you will see a Ticket Satisfaction Survey section appear on your desktop underneath Quick Tickets. Please note, you will only see this section if you have an open survey. Otherwise, it will not appear on your dashboard.

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