Advanced Ticketing Workflow

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About this Course

The iiQ Ticketing Module streamlines IT requests and more. What if you could templatize frequently used resolution actions and common issues submitted? Maybe you want to know which parts are being used the most and where they are being used. Not only does this course cover these topics, but it also offers more insight into how long tickets take to resolve and feedback from those submitting tickets.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Create resolution actions to resolve tickets
  • Configure ticket updates and rules to manage ticket workflow
  • Design and implement priority levels for tickets
  • Develop and implement ticket templates for recurring tasks
  • Create and manage parts to be used in tickets
  • Configure SLAs to track resolution and response time for tickets
  • Develop and utilize surveys to capture feedback from requestors

This course is broken out into different lessons and topics. We recommend completing all lessons and topics to set yourself up for success.

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